Epping Archers

Epping Archers Diary


Sunday 6th January, Airfield, Ian Mardon Memorial Shoot. (36 arrows 30m 80cm face using indoor handicap, sighters at 1000, juniors and seniors)
Monday 7th January, Archery resumes at Abercrombie centre.
Monday 14th Abercrombie Centre, 1815, Junior beginners course starts
Monday 28th, Abercrombie Centre, 1820 prompt, Juniors Portsmouth (H)


Sunday 3rd, 0900 Mayflower School Billericay, Annual Ken Gray Memorial Shoot - Junior Team
Monday 11th, 2015 Abercrombie Centre, Senior Beginners Course Starts


Monday 15th, Abercrombie Centre, 2020 prompt, Portsmouth (H) - seniors
Monday 21st, Easter Monday, No indoor archery
Sunday 28th, North Weald Airfield, 1000, EA Clout, seniors and juniors able to reach 140 yards
Monday 29th, Abercrombie Centre, 1815, EA Vegas - juniors (30 arrows at 18m, vegas face)
Monday 29th, Abercrombie Centre, 2020 EA Vegas - seniors (30 arrows at 18m), vegas face)


Monday 6th, Bank Holiday, no indoor archery
Sunday 12th, 1000 - 1230, North Weald Airfield, National (H)/ Junior National or Short Junior National, Seniors/Juniors
Sunday 19th, 1000 - 1330, North Weald Airfield, Long National, Seniors
Monday 20th 1815-1945, Abercrombie Centre, EA Half Worcester. Juniors
Monday 20th 2015 - 2200, Abercrombie Centre, Worcester (5 zone face), Seniors
Monday 27th, Bank Holiday, no indoor archery.


Sunday 2nd, 1000 -1200, North Weald Airfield, Short Metric II/Short Metric III Seniors/Juniors
Sunday 16th, 1000 - 1330, North Weald Airfield, Western/Junior Western or SJW. Seniors/Juniors
Sunday 30th, 1000 - 1230, North Weald Airfield, Long Metric IV / LM V. seniors/juniors

Note. The seniors normally shoot on the airfield on Mondays due to the light nights.


NOTE: Fri 5th, Sat 6th. North Weald Airfield Archery Strip cannot be used due to a major event

Sunday 14th, 1000 - 1230, North Weald Airfield, EA WA 50/WA 30 or WA 20, Seniors/Juniors

From Monday 29th July to Monday 19th August inclusive, the juniors will meet on the airfield from 1630 to 1800 and not in the hall. In event of very heavy rain, we shall just cancel.

Monday 29th July, Sighters 1630 North Weald Airfield, Junior Warwick or Short Junior Warwick. (Juniors)


Monday 5th, North Weald Airfield, 1630,Summer Portsmouth.
Monday 12th, North Weald Airfield, 1630 Summer Clout.
Monday 19th, North Weald Airfield, 3D Field Shoot.
Monday 26th, Summer Bank Holiday, No club meeting.


Monday 2nd, 1815 Abercrombie Centre, Juniors resume indoors. Seniors Beginners Course starts 2015
Monday 9th, 1815, Abercrombie centre, Juniors Animal Face Shoot.
Sunday 22nd, North Weald Airfield, EA Half Metric III & JEA Half Metric III



Monday 7th, Abercrombie Centre. AGM. Start at 2015.
Sunday 20th, 1000, North Weald Airfield, EA Two Way Clout Snr/Jnrs able to reach 140 yds
Monday 28th, 1815, Abercrombie Centre, Juniors Halloween Fun Shoot.


16th November Ely 12th Annual Portsmouth. Littleport Leisure Centre, 0930/1300/1600


Monday 16th, Abercrombie Centre, 1815-1945, Juniors Medal Presentation and Fun Shoot.
Monday 16th, Abercrombie Centre, 2015-2145, Seniors Medal Presentation and Fun Shoot for seniors and families.
There is no Archery Monday 23rd or Monday 30th December 2019,
but we have the Ian Mardon Memorial shoot on the airfield on Sunday 5th January 2020, sighters 1000
The Abercrombie Centre reopens Monday 6th January 2020